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Auto Bender

Used machete machine

Product description:This is an automatic cutter bender. After being renovated, the second-hand equipment can meet the needs of most printing factories and cutter mould factories. It has the functions of automatic bending, automatic bridge position, automatic flat cutting, air operated cutter head and tail eagle mouth. The cutter bender has the advantages of simple operation, high molding degree and good stability

This is a second-hand 80% new computer bending machine. After the company's comprehensive renovation, all the molds are replaced with new ones, the circuit part is rearranged, the appearance is optimized, and the new machine performance is basically achieved. Huazhengyuan bending machine is the only manufacturer with strong support in the current laser cutting die equipment industry to replace the old one with the new one, so as to solve the problem that the old equipment is idle after some old customers update the equipment Question.
The machine has a three-month warranty and free on-site installation training, which is applicable to the transformation of the just started manual cutter mould factory or the need of the printing factory to modify the cutter mould and increase the cutter mould equipment.

 Performance characteristics of second-hand bending cutter:
1. It has many functions such as automatic bending, automatic bridge position, pneumatic front and rear olecranon, flat cutting, automatic cutting, etc.
2. The bending die made of imported steel has good toughness, high strength and durability.
3. Adopt the mode of bending first, then cutting, always start from "zero", truly achieve zero waste, and save material cost for you.
4. Independently develop the latest bending knife control system, which is powerful, easy to operate and upgradeable.
5. Full Chinese interface, easy to learn and understand.
6. Servo digital system roller feeding continuously (no need to repeatedly clip the knife back and forth) with high precision and fast speed!
7. The control system supports multiple file formats, such as. DXF. AI. NC, etc.
8. The bending effect is close, the cutting time is less and the working efficiency is high.

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